Child Custody In RI

Child custody and child support cases are not limited to divorce proceedings. For instance, paternity cases often result in questions about child custody and child support, possibly including child support modification and child custody modification.
At Hoopis & Hoopis we work with divorcing and never-married parents – both mothers and fathers – to arrive at a fair and workable child custody agreement. We provide effective and knowledgeable legal guidance to fathers and mothers who are involved in paternity cases, child support enforcement cases and other child custody and support matters.

Child Custody

In cases of child custody, the quality of home life is often a factor. Home studies and investigations by the court are often a part of these proceedings.

Child Support

In Rhode Island, child support is determined by state child support guidelines.

Child Support Enforcement

We represent fathers and mother alike in child support enforcement.

Experienced Help with Paternity Cases

At Hoopis & Hoopis, we provide comprehensive help to people with concerns about paternity. We help individuals with paternity testing, using a non-invasive cheek swab test. When paternity is established, we handle child custody and visitation arrangements.

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