Why should you choose Mediation in Rhode Island?

In mediation, clients are educated about the financial and legal issues they must discuss and decide; clients are guided in talking through conflicts and issues; guaranteed confidentiality and privacy in the process; and provided a customized separation agreement and other documents for filing with the Probate court. Mediation helps clients complete their cost-effectively, privately, respectfully, and with reduced family conflict and disruption.

At Hoopis Family Law our divorce mediator (Jennifer Hoopis D’Ambra) serves clients in Rhode Island, offering answers to pressing questions about mediation. In the below video “Is Mediation right for us?”, Attorney Jenifer Hoopis D’ambra details the mediation process. 

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Did you know that the father and daughter team of Harry Hoopis and Jennifer Hoopis D’Ambra have a combined legal experience of 73 years!  

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