RI Parenting Plans

Rhode Island child custody lawyer Jennifer Hoopis D’Ambra works with divorced, divorcing and never-married parents to craft workable parenting plans and to modify existing child custody orders.

Mothers and fathers have rights in Rhode Island family court. A thorough parenting plan that spells out the details of a child’s time with each parent ensures that everyone’s rights are protected. It also minimizes the chance for conflict and allows parents to work together cooperatively for the good of their child.

Examples of Issues Covered in a Parenting Plan.

You can make your parenting plan as simple or as detailed as you feel you need it to be but a few of the issues to consider include:

  • Who your child will live with each day or evening of the week
  • Who will transport your child to and from school or daycare
  • What activities your child will participate in and who will attend them
  • Who will pay for these activities
  • Which parent will have the child for which holidays
  • Who will take the child on vacation and when
  • If and when your child spends time with extended family members
  • Whether or not a parent can take the child across state lines
  • How decisions about education and activities will be made

Your child custody agreement can also specify who will pay for different things, such as healthcare coverage, out of pocket medical expenses, after-school activity fees and sports fees.

Modification of Child Custody Agreements

As your child grows, you may find that parts of your initial parenting plan are no longer working well for your child or your family. We can help you take your case back to court to ask the judge for a modification of your original court order. Another reason you might seek a modification of your court order is if the other parent has repeatedly violated the child custody agreement. You may need to ask a judge to enforce the existing order or to change the order to prevent further violations.

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