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Simple Wills & Power of Attorney

Definition: Simple wills provide for a distribution of assets and arrangements for guardianship of minor children and trusts for the inherited property of minor children.

A durable health-care power of attorney allows you to name a person to make decisions for you including terminating life-support, when you are unable to do so as a result of a medical condition. A power of attorney allows another person to act in your place if you are unable to do banking, participate in a real estate transaction for example. 

Simple wills in Rhode Island require very specific methods of execution including an in person meeting for signatures before qualifying witnesses.  A simple will, durable health-care power of attorney and power of attorney can be prepared entirely remotely except for the execution of the documents at a very brief meeting.   

This flat rate service is offered by Hoopis Family Law for a fee of $500 individual/$600 Married. 

Simple Wills & Power of Attorney

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