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A divorce is uncontested when both parties seek to be divorced and agree to the terms of the distribution of their assets, assignment of their debts, custody of their children and parenting time and will cooperate with the exchange of information to calculate child support and divide retirement assets. The initial filings, resulting orders including Final Judgment, preparation for and participation in the required nominal divorce court hearing and calculation of child support along with required filings for wage garnishment are included. If the case requires a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to divide retirement assets, guidance and participation are included but there is a separate fee (approximately $500 shared by the parties equally) for a recommended QDRO specialists to prepare the qualified domestic relations order and have the same approved by the retirement plan administrator. 

Even if the parties agree that they want a divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences, there are circumstances in which a divorce matter would not be identified as uncontested including owning a business for which there is no recent business validation, having income which is difficult to calculate due to inconsistent bonuses, or self-employment or the parties have not fully disclosed all of the marital assets and debts to one another or a party is not the case is not self sufficient and requires alimony.        

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Hoopis Family Law not only cares about the affordability of this legal service but it is also supported online. Which means you can start your Uncontested Divorce using our online system. You simply answer the self qualifying questions below, and if you answer “Yes” then watch the video “Starting the process” and move forward to the “Secure Payment Page”. If you would rather speak to the attorney first then click the “Schedule Appointment” button and set up a FREE no obligation 30 minute phone call.      

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The cost for this service is $1500 which includes $145 filing fee and $50 constable fee. If you answered “Yes” to all the above questions and would like to move forward with a flat rate uncontested divorce please click the below secure payment button, where you will enter your contact information and submit a payment of $750.00 (50%) to receive via email a link to download your required documents.  At any point during this service you can speak directly to Attorney JennifeHoopis D’Ambra – this is a starting point to begin your uncontested divorce.    

At Hoopis & Hoopis we understand that divorce brings a lot of emotions to the forefront. We don’t discount the difficulty you may be facing. We help our clients find a balance between what their emotions tell them and what the court will require. Rhode Island divorce lawyer Jennifer Hoopis D’Ambra provides caring and effective legal guidance through the process.

Divorce affects the whole family, especially children. We often meet with our client and our client’s larger family, the people who will be providing support through the process. If you would like to bring people with you to your meeting, please do so.

Contact Hoopis & Hoopis online or call 401-338-1983. We offer a free initial consultation so you can meet with Jennifer to determine if she is the best divorce lawyer for you.